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TRANSNET International Holdings, South Africa’s biggest rail operator, has given Ghana a lifeline to the country’s effort to revive its failed railway sector. The company has stated unequivocally that it is ever ready to walk side-by-side with Ghana to make her railway sector a shining star again. TRANSNET has revealed it has plans to partner the Railway Development Ministry to rebuild the railway network in Ghana, especially the Western Corridor rail line.

This was revealed by the Company’s Chief Executive Officer, Petrus Fusi, at a meeting with a Ghanaian delegation, in South Africa to know, at first hand, the sort of operations of TRANSNET Holdings. Briefing the delegation, Mr Fusi elaborated that their company controls 30,000 KM of rail lines in South, and has now extended its operations into other African countries such as Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana, and Burkina Faso.

In an exclusive interview with Skyy News’ Samuel Kojo Brace, who is with the delegation, in South Africa , Mr. Petrus Fusi contends the initiative is strategic.

“Our core capability is around rail, ports and pipeline. So we looking at all the opportunities in Ghana. As far as the rail is concerned we think there is a strategic fit because the network exist. I’m talking about the current network that is running there, from Takoradi to Tarkwa, which is the manganese. And we believe as soon as we can create that comfort and build capacity, we can actually get the line to Awaso which is where the bauxite is”, he elaborated.

Mr Fusi continued that “they can quickly close the loop into Kumasi, thus from Takoradi to Kumasi.”

He said with the vast experience of TRANSNET Holdings, it is rightly placed to assist Ghana, in whatever form they can, in developing the railway sector.

“The trick in Ghana is for us to engage, build confidence and we believe the customers would begin to come onto that network. We love rail, it is our core strength at TRANSNET. We are the best. We run the narrow gauge network. It is the network that we understand well. I know people coming in with solutions of standard gauge network but we think actually existing networks can be fully optimized”, he concluded